Covenant Health


The Challenge

With hundreds of staff needing access to thousands of files, this healthcare organization took the plunge to build a corporate intranet. They called us in to help with structuring, writing, editing and populating the content, and to assist with employee education material.

Here's how we approached the project...

The Strategy

First up, we conducted a content audit to find out where we were starting from. Using a spreadsheet to list all of the sections and pages of a website helps to make sense a substantial website like this, which could grow to a few hundred pages. In this case, we also identified who was the author of each page, and where it was in the process (ie. written, needs editing, populated etc.). 

A big part of the intranet was dedicated to employee education material. We wanted to standardize the look of the PowerPoint presentations being used, by creating a professional design and removing all traces of that dreaded clipart! We took a similar approach in standardizing many of the posters and PDF files that were accessible from the new intranet. 

We created a style guide so that content written in future would align with writing for the web best practices, assisted with user experience design, and helped to populate content onto the RedDot-based intranet. 

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