MacEwan University


Laura is an instructor in the Bachelor of Communication Studies department at MacEwan. She enjoys teaching hands-on courses focusing on visual and digital communication skills. We have also taught skills workshops, helping students to learn Photoshop and WordPress, and create their own portfolios. John often assists when classes call for software tutorials, and takes visual communication students on a photo walk to help them learn to use DSLR cameras.

Writing for the Web

This course is for 3rd year Professional Writing students. In it, students are taught Writing for the Web best practices, how to put together a simple website using the WordPress CMS, essentials of Search Engine Optimization and online journalism.

Introduction to Visual Communication

This course is for 1st year Communications and Journalism students. In the course, we explore photography, photojournalism, newspaper and magazine layout design, advertising, visual literacy and essentials of Photoshop and InDesign software.

Online Communication & Information Architecture

This course is for 2nd year Communication and Journalism students. In it, they discuss topics like web design, information architecture, social media, and user experience. We discuss the sociological impact of ubiquitous technology use, create a class blog discussing digital technology, and learn to build websites using the WordPress CMS. 

Multimedia Authoring

In this course, 3rd year Communication & Journalism students collaborate in small groups with local nonprofit organizations to produce a communications plan, and marketing collateral such as a website, video, brochure or social media strategy. They also learn to produce multimedia content and explore convergence communication campaigns. 

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