June 18, 2018

MacEwan University

MacEwan University is a post-secondary institution in Alberta, Canada serving undergraduate students studying in the faculties of Arts and Science, Fine Arts and Communications, Health and Community Studies, Nursing, Continuing Education and Business.

Laura taught face-to-face courses to students learning journalism and professional communication in the Bachelor of Communication Studies programme. She taught Writing for the Web, Introduction to Visual Communications, Online Communication & Information Architecture and Multimedia Authoring.

Her courses combined technical and practical skills like software training, portfolio development, personal branding, photography, design, project management, information architecture and campaign strategy, with more theoretical concepts such as visual literacy, the sociological impact of technology, journalistic ethics and convergence communication.

She was an advocate for technology use in the programme, using blended learning techniques and digital tools in the classroom to help students engage with the material. For her third-year course, Laura connected groups of learners with local not-for-profit organisations to help them gain real-world experience in communications strategy for their capstone projects.

Both John and Laura were involved in running skills workshops for students to help them gain practical skills with WordPress, Photoshop, InDesign and portfolio development.

Propaganda Timeline

Used in a visual communication course to explore historical and modern examples of propaganda from around the world.

Video created for MacEwan University

Screenshot from a video about advancements in communication technology.

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