June 18, 2018

Olds College

Olds College is a public post-secondary instutution in Alberta, Canada, offering over 30 programs, many focused on agriculture and the trades. As part of the Campus Alberta OER Initiative, they developed an open education resource (OER) on Professional Communication.

Laura worked with a small, distributed team to design and develop four modules: Foundations, Writing, Presentations and Interpersonal Communication.

John developed the videos and web platform for this project.

An OER is a freely-available open set of resources such as an eTextbook, videos, slide decks, lecture notes, formative and summative assessments and job aids, that can be used by any instructor or independent learner.

The resources, including the full eTextbook, are freely available on the OER’s web platform.

Writing Process Infographic

This infographic is one of a series of job aids for a course on professional communication. The graphics were made available as ‘cheat sheets’ for learners of English grammar.

Video created for the OER Project

As part of the OER project, we created an introductory video for each of the topics.

Laura created the infographics, diagrams and charts for the eTextbook, as well as the slide layouts, job aids, book covers and other graphic elements.

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