April 13, 2016

Resource: Course Planning Worksheets

I’m currently working on a MOOC project that is five weeks long. We had a kick-off meeting at the beginning of the process, to get the Subject Matter Experts thinking about what content they’d want to include in the course. We’ve also scheduled a workshop for each of the five weeks, to help us drill-down on topics and learning outcomes, and to divide up the writing responsibility among the experts.

I created a couple of worksheets to help us during these conversations. Maybe they’ll be useful to you, too! I had them printed at A2 size and laminated so that we can work on them with whiteboard markers, sticky notes and so on, wipe them off and reuse them.

If you’d find them helpful on your own projects, please download and try them out. Here are the PDFs:

Course Planning Sheet
Week Storyboard Template
Week Template

These should work for any week-based or module-based course planning you’re doing. If you’d like to make some modifications, I have the Illustrator files for these, too. Send me a tweet @lunderwood13 if you’d like these.

Do you think these could be improved? What other resources would help you to kick-off a new MOOC, OER or eLearning project? I’d love to have your suggestions in the comments.