June 18, 2018

The University of Dundee/SISCC

The Knowledge into Action at Scale project, run by The University of Dundee, The University of the West of Scotland and The Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre, produced two Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) for health and social care professionals and is researching the potential to change behaviour via digital learning.
Laura worked with a cross-institutional team of academics and researchers, leading the production of both MOOCs – one on the topic of compassionate care, and the other focusing on health inequalities – for the FutureLearn platform. Alongside this team, she designed the curriculum, wrote and edited content and video scripts, worked with video producers to create videos and animations, designed graphics and interactive contents, promoted the courses and managed live course runs. She was also involved in the wider research project, and on post-course revisions based on learner feedback and research plans.
Across the two MOOCs, the project team have welcomed over 16,000 learners from the UK and around the world.

Tackling Inequalities Through Health and Social Care Design
John and Laura were both also involved in communications for the The Scottish Improvement Science Collaborating Centre, work which included website design, infographics, video production, events and digital skills training.